The original photo was beautiful "as is".
The elegance and grace of the Great Egret
were glorious. Then the story began to take
shape: how a dark witch had captured a fair
and beloved bride and transformed her.
Only at the mystical moments of dusk and
dawn was that transformation revealed. Can
you see her? Both pictures were framed on
either side of this poem.
The clouds have ever challenged
man's imagination. This storm front
was taken from our deck at sunset. We
saw dragons, horsemen, and dancers.
Then, things got a little out of hand.
Don't mess with an archangel during
This strange tree not only had a fascinating
driftwood texture, but seemed to have a
deadly motive. "She" just need a head. A
colorful dual sunset could be added
behind, but the starkness of the
background seemed to add the right  
flavor, at least for now.
Nature is amazing and inspirational.  Yosemite Falls.
An incredible Hubble photo of Orion nebula is used to create our 2010 Christmas card.  
Happy Holidays to Everyone.  AND two more:
Our latest inspiration comes from the Hubble Telescope and the fantastic images taken of
Galaxies and Nebulae far, far away!