"Birding Bombay Hook NWR and the Delaware Area" by H. L. Snyder and K. D. Snyder
has just been release. With over 50 species of birds shown in full color, the book
offers a 40 page photographic tribute to a wonderful birding spot in Delaware.
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We like the SPRING and FALL at Bombay Hook the
best. The migrants are passing through and the bugs
are calmer. However, a sky full of Snow Geese in
WINTER and the chance of seeing babies in SUMMER
are too much of a draw to keep us away!
"Birding Bombay Hook NWR" will show you what you
are missing and each visit will usually reward you with a
sight you will hold in your memory forever.
A few scenes from "Birding Bombay Hook NWR and the Delaware Area"
for Moonbeam
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There are plenty of bird pictures from Bombay Hook throughout our blog pages - enjoy!